Looking for the Client & Billing Portal?

Be sure to check your junk folder. The email will come from Dragos Design Creative (billing@dragosdesigncreative.com)

Frequently Asked Questions

The billing portal is a place where you can access all of your previous and upcoming invoices. It allows you to download your invoices, receipts, and even update cards that are about to expire. For security reasons, the link sent to your email expires within minutes. This ensures your private information and cards are safe.

Yes you can! Simply log into the portal and you will be able to add multiple credit cards. You can choose which card you want to keep as your default credit card.

If you are on one of our Managed WordPress Hosting plans, you will have the option or upgrade from monthly payments, to yearly payments. This will save you a few dollars in the end.

Note that you can also downgrade from yearly to monthly plans.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription within the portal. Note that once you cancel whatever services you have with us will no longer be active and will be removed at the end of the billing period.

When it comes to working with clients, we pride ourselves in making our clients extremely happy. During the process of website building, we are more than open to edits. Please take a look at the website contract, it will specify amounts of edits depending on the project and project size.

In terms of our website hosting, we do not offer refunds. If you would like to cancel your website hosting, you can do so in the billing portal. Alternately, you can email us and we will get it cancelled for you. It’s worth noting that once cancelled, you will lose access to all of your files. Please ensure you download all of your files, or migrate your website before cancelling.